The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Phone Recycling

Meme About Mobile Phone Recycling

Since the turn of the millennium, the age of ‘being green’ and recycling has consistently grown to become what it has today. Because of this, countless efforts have been made to try and improve the efficiency with which people can recycle. This is also the case within the mobile phone recycling industry, with a huge sub-sector having been created in the recycling industry along the way. However, we still often hear people complaining that there is still a significant amount of effort required from the consumer when recycling an old mobile phone. Therefore, we have decided to put together this, the 101 guide to mobile recycling, where we try to guide you, the consumer, through the process with as little stress/ effort as possible on your part.

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5 Things We Don’t Like About The iOs 7 update

Screen Shot Of iOs 7

The iOs 7 update from Apple

Before we get into the main content of this post we would like to justify its existence and go on record stating that at Compare Mobile Phone Recycling we are huge fans of the iOs 7 update. iOs 7 is most certainly an improvement from the previous operating system and something which was well overdue from Apple following them falling behind some other smart phone operating systems in recent times. The new colour pallet provides a refreshing feel to the iPhone/ iPad and in conjunction with some of the new accessibility features makes for a rather brilliant update. Therefore rather than criticise the operating system as a whole we would like to pick out some features which we are not so keen on and would like to see Apple re-evaluate in their next update.

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