Compare Mobile Phone Recycling
Compare Mobile Phone Recycling
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About Bozowi

They buy new phones and pay you 25% more on some models!!

Why get paid used phone prices for your new mobile phone? Because they know some people don't always want to change their handset when its time to upgrade, they offer better prices for your brand new in box phone.

They pay you the same day they receive your phone. That could be as early as the day after you post your phone to them! At Bozowi they can't understand why you would want to wait 3-5 days for you money from other recyclers.

The service is completely free. Finding time to sell your item can take time. So they simplified the online process at Bozowi to make your life simpler.

Backed by a management team with over 50 years combined experience within the mobile phone recycling sector and have been recycling since 1988.

Environmentally friendly

Selling your phone is really good for your planet and good for your pocket. Even if you phones have no value, you can still contribute by recycling them with Bozowi.

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