Compare Mobile Phone Recycling
Compare Mobile Phone Recycling
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About Envirofone

Envirofone have recently launched a large television advertising campaign in the hope of converting the UK masses to recycle your old mobile phones and turn your phones into cash. Started in 2006 in the UK, Envirofone have bought £7.5 Million worth of mobile phones from the UK public and given to charities more than £500,000 from mobile phone donations.

How Envirofone's Process Works

Find your mobile phone using our search engine or go directly to the Envirofone website and find your mobile. If you are happy with the price offered by Envirofone then enter your name, address and phone details into the Envirofone website.

Envirofone will then proceed to send a freepost envelope to your address, however we would strongly suggest that you should send your mobile phone to Envirofone via recorded delivery in order to make sure your mobile doesn't get lost.

When Envirofone receive your mobile phone they will test and grade it to determine if it is still functional. Once this has been determined they will send your payment as a cheque or an Argos voucher card within 7 days depending upon the payment method that you requested.

Envirofone Payment Options

Envirofone offer 2 payment options, either a cheque or an Argos card. However if you choose an Argos card then you get more cash for your mobile phone.

What Does Envirofone Do to Your Mobile Once They Have Received It?

The process Envirofone uses to handle your old mobile handsets is to first test them to see if they can be reused and resold, potentially to third world countries who can benefit greatly from this technology. If the mobile phones cannot be reused or refurbished then they are sent to a plant where all the remaining useful component parts can be removed from the handset and used to recondition other mobiles. Part such as batteries, flash memory and screens can be used to repair handsets that would otherwise be scrapped. The final step is to smelt any previous metals which may be contained in the mobile so that they can be remoulded and reused.

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