Compare Mobile Phone Recycling
Compare Mobile Phone Recycling
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About Phone Recycle Bank

Firstly you are looking for the best price for your old mobile phone. Here at Phone Recycle Bank we run a daily independent price check to ensure we give you our best price. Secondly you want a phone recycler you can trust. We take recycling seriously; of handsets we receive 100% are recycled in line with EU regulations of this 80% are refurbished for reuse here in the UK and developing countries.

To top it off Phone Recycle Bank is owned and run by 20:20 Mobile Group, one of the largest mobile handset and accessories distributors in the world, with offices spanning across 10 countries worldwide

Phone recycling is a way of creating financially productive partnerships with charities, businesses and members of the public. We want as many people as possible to have the benefit of a mobile phone whilst keeping the long term environmental impact of ownership down to a minimum.

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